Monday, October 29, 2012

Career in sports medicine

Sports Medicine offers a stimulating work of the prevention of injuries in the treatment and recovery. In addition to the medical career options are many, many areas of the development of alternative sports therapy.

When a player suddenly faints and falls during the game, there are some people who are trying to revive him or put him on a stretcher and off the field. This work is little known by the audience. In the group could be a doctor, a fitness trainer or an orthopedist. All are branches of the same stream of medicine, sports medicine known.

In the world of sports, an athlete's playing ability and fitness play an important role in his career. Win not only on your diet and fitness but also their medical fitness to cope with stress factors. The correct diagnosis of the disease and care of athletic performance is the basic task of the sports medicine professional.

Let the race in a broader perspective.


or preferably a person with a scientific background with additional knowledge of sports

or high school (with science subjects)

or 4-year bachelor's degree in computer science or science in the curriculum

or physicians and surgeons have additional requirements depending on the specialty

Specializing in sports medicine

There are various specializations in the field of sports medicine, for example, exercise physiology, physical therapy, orthopedics, sports nutrition, biomechanics, etc. These specializations have different needs. For example, in orthopedics, a master's degree is required.

The core competencies include:

or training

Exercise Science or

or physical education and athletics

o To promote health and fitness

The name of the courses and programs will vary from colleges and universities.


Some outstanding work in the field of sports science and sports are:

or dietitian - dietician task is to plan the diet of the athlete and to decide on the consumption of essential nutrients. The nutritionist must be an American Dietetic (ADA) approved practices and certification.

A fitness coach or fitness trainer at the gym or working a regular job on a team. He works with the team of fitness, including physical therapists, trainers, physiotherapists, etc.

Physiologist or exercise - are staff to monitor the effect of exercise on the body of the athlete. The effects of exercise, good and bad, that she is responsible for the health of the athlete.

trained or a physician, a doctor of medicine to diagnose and treat athletes in the event of an emergency. Following her qualification, doctors are employed. Most work in medical or medical practice in hospitals.

Biomechanics, physiology of work, rehabilitation, heart-lung are some jobs available.


Salary differs from profession to profession and experience in the field. Professionals usually earn more money if they specialize in certain areas of practice.

Tips for a career in sports medicine

o Include science subjects such as biology, physics and anatomy program as part of their school / college.

or do background research on the schools available and their costs.

Decide which university to their field.

o Strengthen links to sports clubs and teachers, it is easier to understand the various streams of sports medicine through them. It is also good for networking that will be useful to get an internship experience / work with a sports club or team.

o If you enjoy playing the sport, you can also take advantage of the players. Develop a passion for the game is also your interests.

Like any other profession, need sports medicine education, experience and commitment to excellence. The field of sports medicine is increasing, and although it's a part of the branch of medicine that is different and a lively atmosphere to work in. If you love sports offer, you should consider sports medicine.
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