Sunday, January 20, 2013

About the Training and Sports Medicine in China

Practiced Chinese martial arts in the last 3000 years and hurt, like any other athlete today. In fact, were martial artists who saw themselves as "masters" at the time, mostly doctors or bone setters. If you are not healthy, you can not work out, it's that simple. Obviously, physical therapists and Western medicine could not be there to advice and all the modern techniques, but also unnecessary. Chinese herbs and the use of therapeutic techniques of the body to heal wounds and to keep students under the best conditions. The big "secret" to these techniques is that Westerners simply not trained in sports medicine in China. The trading system of these natural products in most cases far superior to anything that a Western. For example, in education, many people in the West with protein supplements, and others. It would take a few minutes to see anyone from that 90% of the products on the market have never shown an increase in athletes. The difference here is that in the West try to start the process of chemical synthesis, and your body's natural for a greater effect, the same chemicals found in herbs to break. The Chinese, however, the use of 5000 years of research on the properties of herbs to cure or improve their body with little or no side effects.

Another important difference is that Westerners to "hold" preference. If the skin, bruises, sprains, strains and pains, as if it is difficult, which is the only West "Walk It Out" or ignore. The only thing that accomplishes this is that "baby" of the lesion and often hurt another part of the body while masturbating wrong. Another problem is that they help to heal the wound that you want to be proactive with injuries. The body, of course, to heal, but to help the body to speed up this process (this is where you get help first). Finally, these injuries have lasting effects. Blue spots are patches of stagnant blood in the muscle, could harden and crystallize in the muscle causing pain in the coming years. A final example of sports medicine in China do not use much ice. The short explanation is here, on this, think of your muscles when it's cold and what to do when the liquid is exposed to temperatures below the freezing point, are you? The ice will help reduce inflammation, but at great expense. A simple blend of Chinese herbs, however, can be sedated to pay, reduce inflammation, and most importantly, to remove stagnant blood and fluid in the blood and bring healing to the cold zone.

So what can you as a person recently reported in the Chinese herbal medicine do? Well, if your doctor or a herbal medicine in Eastern Europe should be looking to purchase a product. Here is his list:

Said Da Jow liniments or - you must be able to have a product to relieve pain, relieve hot muscles, bruises, and pain relief.

Replace the ice - it's a tough question for you if you do not buy products such as herbal ice cream such as the production and sale. However, note that if you have ice on the ice for very short periods of time.

Products such as emergency to stop the bleeding, such as pills and tablets, herbal dimming actuator trauma. I will not leave here with a shopping list. Here are some useful things for you to have around if you do not to buy a product:

Agrimony - to stop the bleeding. Take internally as a strong tea, or a hematoma together and on wounds. Combustion and the use of ash to stop bleeding greater than the (internal or external).

Tea Tree Oil - This is a miracle first aid at all. Apply over the bumps, bruises, sprains, etc., to relieve pain. Mix a few drops of vegetable oil if you have sensitive skin

Valerian - Do you chew to relieve the dried root pain. Not only do these horrible taste that can distract from pain, but the dry valerian has most of the analgesic properties of herbs are not toxic. Aloe Vera - As this product is readily available, I will suggest its use for infections. Rub directly on the inflammation and should be eaten often. Pure aloe vera gel is used for consumption and implementation of internal and external made here. You can use all of yin tonic herbs of inflammation.
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